Gas tank at Pyroneer 

​​Industrial application:

Replacing gas with local waste fractions ​


Utility application:

Replacing fossil fuels with agricultural residues and energy crops




The LT-CFB (Low Temperature Circulating Fluid Bed)The LT-CFB (Low Temperature Circulating Fluid Bed)

​The LT-CFB (Low Temperature Circulating Fluid Bed) gasifier produces a combustible synthetic gas (syngas) from low grade biomass and waste fractions. Depending on primarily the choice of gas treatment, the Low Temperature Gasifier can be used for various purposes.

​The simplest option is co-firing biomass and waste fuels at coal fired power plants. This way bio ash is separated and the still hot syngas, comprising tar and fine dust, is combusted directly in the boiler.

In combination with more extensive gas treatment Low Temperature Gasification can also be integrated with other types of existing gas consumers.

In all of the mentioned cases a high degree of fuel flexibility, CO2 reduction and ash utilization can be achieved.

Two obvious application areas to mention is:

Industrial scale at 5-25 MW where local waste fractions are used to replace natural gas.

Utility scale at 50-150 MW where agricultural residues or energy crops are gasified in order to replace fossil fuels as coal.