Technical applications

Pyoneer Plant
​Low Tempera-ture Gasification has numerous possible applications

Low Temperatur Gasification has numerous possible applications. Several of these are: co-firing in a coal fired power plant, co-firing in a gas fired power plant, and upgrading the produced gas. The key advantages in each of these are listed below.



Coal Plant Co-firing
  • High ratio of biomass to coal can be co-fired without damaging the boiler

  • New types of low grade biomass can be co-fired in high efficiency power plants

  • Ash separation makes it possible to utilize these separately for different purposes

Technical app figure1 

Gas Plant Co-firing

​New types of low grade biomass can be co-fired directly in:

  • Gas boilers

  • Gas turbines

Technical app figure2 

Gas Upgrading

​The produced gas can be utilized for the production of:

  • Liquid fuels

  • Substitute Natural Gas (SNG)

  • Chemicals

Technical app figure3