Pyroneer main advantages

Field of straw
​It is possible to recycle these valuable nutrients to the farming industry

​Below are listed the main advantages of the Low Temperatura Circulating Fluidized Bed. From these it is clear that this is a flexible machine in many ways and that it can serve many purposes.

Fuel Flexibility

A variety of difficult and low value fuels can be fed into the Low Temperature Gasifier. Despite this a stable and reliable production of combustible gas can be maintained.

Easy Gas Cleaning

Due to mainly the low exit temperature, ash components such as K and P - also without prior raw gas cooling - can be efficiently separated along with the ash. In case of raw gas cooling prior to (even more efficient) particle filtering, the low dew point of essentially only light tars is a further major advantage.

Recycling of nutrients

By keeping especially potassium and phosphorus in the non-sintered ash, it is possible to recycle these valuable nutrients to the farming industry. Furthermore a low content of heavy polyaromates (PAH) means that the ash often are allowed to be returned directly to e.g. farming land.


The Low Temperature Gasifier is fully scalable allowing great flexibility for adapting it to different uses.

Various applications

By producing a cleaned and potentially also reformed gas, the Low Temperature Gasifier can have many different applications such as producing combustible gas for boilers, gas turbines, engines, fuel cells and synthesis processes. Even the production of bio oil and/or biochar is possible.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The use of Low Temperature Gasification will allow a reduction of CO2 from highly efficient and timely controllable power generation which is in accordance with DONG Energys 85/15 vision.

​Advantages compared to direct co-firing of straw and coal: