Power plant at night

​The Low Temperature Circulating Fluidized Bed process was invented by Peder Stoholm, Danish Fluid Bed Technologies (DFBT), in the late 1990's. The main purpose for the invention was finding a method to co-fire difficult biomass and waste fuels that could not otherwise be utilized for efficient power production. DONG Energy has followed the development and in 2009 DONG Energy acquired DFBT's rights and related knowhow.

The invention of the Low Temperature Circulating Fluidized Bed resulted in the construction of three test plants at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). These test plants have been and presently still are the backbone of the research and development efforts concerning the Low Temperature Gasifier.



50kW Plant

​In 1999 the first test plant was constructed yielding 50kW. This plant proved the concept of the Low Temperature Circulating Fluidized Bed (LT-CFB) by producing syngas without corrosive inorganics from high alkaline wheat straw and animal manure. Test results from this plant laid a foundation for up-scaling.

50kW plant 
50kW LT-CFB demonstration plant

500kW Plant

​In 2003 a 500kW test plant was constructed. This plant proved that up-scaling was possible and extensive testing was carried out using a variety of fuels. Furthermore this plant was partly automated taking the machine a step closer to a full scale plant.

500kW plant 
500kW LT-CFB Demonstration Plant, Under Construction

500 kW Plant
500kW LT-CFB Demonstration Plant, operating on dried pig manure

100kW Plant

​n the period 2007-2010 a 100kW test plant was constructed and initially tested. The purpose of this plant was mainly to gain easier access to further tests and process optimization than possible with the 500kW plant. The plant has successfully been operated on various types of straw as well as dried residue fibers from a Danish production of pectin and charegenan. The 100kW plant replaces the 50kW plant for short term testing, but is more automated and optimized. In addition the design allows for easy modification and relocation.

100 kW Plant
LT-CFB demonstration plant